At Cunningham Swaim, our products liability practice spans the country. We have decades of combined experience in handling product defect claims. And, we understand that in this area, which some firms may view as rote or settled, it is actually creativity, foresight and strategy that carry the day.

Let's face it, these cases can be hard for a jury to understand. It is our ability to distill complicated technology and explain it in terms that a jury can understand that makes us different from the rest. Whether convincing the jury that a product is defectively designed or that product could not be made any safer, we know that if we don't understand the product's design, there is no way that the jury will. As a result, we work side-by-side with our clients and experts, getting our hands dirty and inspecting the products to understand – first-hand –how they work and whether or not they could have been designed better.

We have handled product defect cases involving helicopters, airplanes, automobiles, ladders, forklifts, valves, and consumer and juvenile products. Our breadth of experience in this area, and our passion for understanding how things work, gives us a discernable advantage over the rest.