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Insurance is an important part of life as an aircraft owner. It can also be a complicated matter as aviation insurance policies are unique and deal with larger assets and risks. However, aviation insurance is necessary to have and it can protect you from paying out of pocket for accidents or claims when you should not have to.

If you are in an accident, you may want to ensure you have done your research and properly followed the terms of your policy to avoid your claim potentially being denied when you need your insurance the most.

Steps you can take to avoid a claim denial or dispute with your aviation insurance holder can include:

1. Making sure you have enough coverage.

Understanding what kind of insurance you need can help you avoid gaps in coverage or no coverage at all after an incident. You never know what will happen and being prepared for anything can be difficult. Know what is required and what your options are to make the best choice for yourself so you can have security in case you, your plane, or your passengers are in an accident.

2. Not using your aircraft for unapproved activities.

Your aircraft may be protected only while being used for certain activities. Utilizing it for something that is not part of your policy or not checking with your agent can be costly if your aircraft is damaged during the process. This is one of the most common reasons a claim is denied.

3. Being completely transparent.

If you are involved in an accident, being honest is in your best interest. Leaving out any information that could be found later has the potential to harm your claim. You may neglect to inform your insurer about something, such as a previous accident, because you do not deem it relevant. If your insurer uncovers any neglected truths, it may give them a reason to deny your claim.

Experiencing an aircraft accident can be difficult to handle. Damages to your aircraft and personal injuries can be costly while not having proper coverage or doing something that could cause your claim to be denied may have a devastating impact. Understanding your aviation insurance policy and following safe and ethical practices may help you avoid unnecessary troubles.

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