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Appellate Law
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Appellate Law

Some lawyers beat their chests about verdicts that they have obtained in the past. At Cunningham Swaim, we understand that obtaining a verdict is meaningless to our clients if that verdict is not incorporated in a judgment and affirmed on appeal. Our appellate section ensures that the hard-fought verdicts obtained by our trial lawyers translate into ultimate victories for our clients.

Appellate practice requires a unique skill set, and our appellate lawyers put their skills to work for you long before your case reaches the appellate court. Our appellate lawyers are involved in your case from the outset, helping to craft a case strategy. Behind closed doors, our appellate lawyers are oftentimes the harshest critics of your case. Doing so allows us to identify problem areas and find solutions long before your opponent has the opportunity to use those issues to your disadvantage. Our appellate lawyers also handle pre-trial dispositive motion practice, error preservation, jury charge issues, and post verdict motion practice. Having an appellate specialist handle these matters not only ensures that your case will be in the best possible position on appeal, but it also frees up our trial lawyers to focus on what is most important to you: winning your case!

Once in the appellate court we are well equipped to represent your interests. We have substantial experience handling appeals in state and federal appellate courts throughout the country, and have handled cases involving subject matter across the spectrum.