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Meticulous Advocacy For Catastrophic Injury
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Meticulous Advocacy For Catastrophic Injury

Accidents that result in catastrophic injuries require immediate attention. Catastrophic cases often garner local or national media attention. Getting answers to what occurred can be complicated with the public scrutiny and speculation. The accomplished catastrophic injury attorneys at Cunningham Swaim, LLP, have handled complex, high-profile cases throughout the nation. Our aviation litigation experience spans the globe. We are a nation-wide litigation firm that is dedicated to results. With offices in Dallas, Texas, Pasadena, California and Denver, Colorado, we have a national reach.

Honed, Focused And Resolute Representation

Our approach to the practice of law is honed, focused and resolute. We believe that to achieve results, your lawyer needs to have personal knowledge of every aspect of the case. For that reason, our attorneys team up with relevant experts and investigators at the scene. We do the hard work to learn the details first-hand.

We begin by meticulous investigation of the facts to find the fine details that are necessary to determine fault and liability. We analyze the law to build a position of strength. The processes begin on day one. In addition to our detailed focus on the specific issues, we have earned a reputation for our desire to go to trial. The opposition knows that we will not back down, which provides strong leverage in negotiations and forms of alternative dispute resolution.

If trial becomes necessary, our lawyers not only have substantial experience in the courtroom, we know the art of presentation. Catastrophic cases involve complex details. We know how to distill the facts and present a compelling story that juries can understand.

We are well-prepared to provide resolute representation in all manner of catastrophic injury cases, including:

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