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Are training changes needed for pilots of the Boeing 737 MAX?

Some pilots are echoing the calls of investigators for more training on Boeing’s 737 MAX. Union representatives for U.S. pilots claim Boeing never told them of the anti-stall system on the plane, which investigators now link to the Lion Air crash off the coast of Indonesia in late October. The computer system can force the plane to dive sharply for up to ten seconds if it thinks the plane has stalled. Apparently, the Lion Air pilots did not know how to stop their descent, resulting in the fatal crash.

Safety Measures Must Be Met In Aircraft Travel, Construction

For the airlines industry, it remains crucial to have a properly trained workforce. Pilots, mechanics, engineers, air traffic controllers, cargo handlers, fuelers and flight attendants all need to be make safety a priority every day. The Federal Aviation Administration continues to scrutinize the industry to make sure safety standards continue to be met.

But the culture of safety must go beyond the industry and include the aircraft manufacturers as well. Besides human error and the weather, mechanical failure also ranks among the top reasons for aviation accidents. The makers of airplanes, helicopters and experimental aircraft need to make sure that their products are not defective.

Towing companies sue city of Galveston for breach of contract

Two Galveston-based vehicle towing companies filed a lawsuit alleging the city breached their contract.

Ace of Galveston and 51st Street Towing were part of a rotation system that allowed different companies to tow away vehicles. Each company received a number from the city, and when their number was at the top of the list, that company was sent to remove a vehicle. A city ordinance devised the rotation system.

The venue options challenge for IP litigation

If there is one truth about the law, it is that it is not static. Changes are happening all the time by virtue of legislative or judicial action. Several relatively recent court actions serve as strong examples in this regard.

In May 2017, the U.S. Supreme Court issued its decision in the case of TC Heartland LLC v. Kraft Foods Group Brands LLC, in which the justices reversed traditional practice and put restrictions on process for bringing intellectual property disputes for resolution.

3 ways to avoid an aviation insurance claim dispute

Insurance is an important part of life as an aircraft owner. It can also be a complicated matter as aviation insurance policies are unique and deal with larger assets and risks. However, aviation insurance is necessary to have and it can protect you from paying out of pocket for accidents or claims when you should not have to.

If you are in an accident, you may want to ensure you have done your research and properly followed the terms of your policy to avoid your claim potentially being denied when you need your insurance the most.

Do you have a wet or dry aircraft lease?

An airplane can be an expensive asset to own. For this reason, aircraft owners will often lease their planes out when they are not in use.

The owner of the plane can lease it under a “wet lease” or “dry lease” arrangement. Knowing the difference between these options could help you avoid financial damage and exposure to legal risks.

U.S. flights just broke a safety record

Despite the bad publicity commercial airlines have received lately, flying has been relatively safe for passengers in the United States. Fortune stated that for the last nine years, 100 million U.S. operated flights, carrying billions of people, have landed without a passenger death from an accident. That was a record for the modern aviation industry. However, the streak was broken in April when an engine on a Southwest Airlines flight exploded, throwing shrapnel that killed a passenger.

For Southwest, the accident was the first ever in-flight death in its history. Accidents like these have become so rare due to restrictions, oversight, and commitment to increased safety procedures.

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