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What should you do if you suspect intellectual property theft?

Business owners know that they must take proactive measures to protect their intellectual property. After all, intellectual property often supports the business, from a unique logo that boosts the brand to the ideas behind the products.

Unfortunately, there are some parties who seek to misappropriate or even steal a business' intellectual property for their own gain. Though this is rare, it is an increasing risk. The FBI reports that it has become easier for other entities to steal intellectual property as technology advances.

All commercial planes are equally safe, right?

As a frequent flier, you are likely used to hearing the engines rev during a pre-flight check and staying buckled into your seat during turbulence. Because of your previous airline experiences, you may not have concerns about flying. Yet, inexperienced travelers may be nervous about whether they will reach their destination.

Although a high percentage of commercial airplanes take off and land without a problem, crashes often flood news reports. One incident can raise anxiety about what happened and the probability that it will reoccur, as well as make people wonder if there is a better option when booking a flight.

NTSB probing helicopter crash that killed billionaire, 6 others

It will likely be a long time before the world knows exactly what caused the helicopter crash that killed billionaire coal magnate Christopher Cline, his daughter and five others. The aircraft took off from Cline’s private island, Big Grand Cay in the Bahamas, shortly before 2 a.m. on July 4, with plans to fly to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to get medical treatment for two unspecified passengers.

Cline’s 22-year-old daughter, Kameron Cline, was on board, along with three of her friends, a pilot and one other crew member. Minutes after taking off the helicopter crashed into the ocean, killing everyone on board.

Insurance company sued over limited coverage insurance plan

Health Insurance Innovations is being sued by two different policyholders that claim they did not receive the insurance coverage they were promised. The policyholders are millions of dollars in debt due to the insurance plans lapse in coverage.

One individual spoke with a Health Insurance Innovations sales representative in 2016 that found an affordable option for her. The client said that the sales representative offered her a plan for $240 per month. She was very thankful and agreed to purchase the plan that she believed to be a traditional plan with coverage guarantees.

Pilots upset with recent plane crashes

The Boeing 737 Max aircraft has been globally grounded since March, following two plane crashes—in under five months—resulting in 346 deaths.

In May, Boeing’s representatives disputed the pilots’ requests to immediately fix the software system. An official stated that the company did not want to rush the process of finding the exact cause of the crashes. Boeing claims that pilot error may have been the cause of the accidents.

If your loved one has a TBI, they aren’t alone in their suffering

Countless people fly around the world daily, and yet catastrophic accidents affect few. However, during those times when the unthinkable happens and a plane goes down, hundreds of people may lose their lives in what seems like the blink of an eye. There are no words to convey the agony you might experience upon unexpectedly losing a loved one in an accident.

Although some people survive, their lives are often drastically changed. When someone sustains a traumatic brain injury (TBI), they may seem like an entirely different person. Due to decreased brain functioning, while someone you love may be sitting right in front of you, you may still mourn their loss.

Is it safe to take your prescribed medication?

When you have a health condition, you trust your doctor to provide appropriate treatment options. When that includes the use of a prescription drug, you likely expect that adequate testing has been involved in bringing the medication to market. You probably expect that it is safe and will address your medical concerns.

However, in some cases prescription medications have significant side effects. But what can you do if your prescription amplifies your medical concerns – or worse?

Boeing’s 737 Max is grounded

In many circumstances, traveling is fun and exciting. Catching a flight may provide you the opportunity to host a destination wedding, visit family members or go on a vacation of a lifetime.

However, your excitement to board an airplane might dampen when safety becomes a concern. Such has been the case in relation to Boeing’s 737 Max.

The full scope of air travel investigations

People board airplanes to travel long distances on a daily basis. Overall, this is a considered a safe mode of transportation. But when a report surfaces of something happening mid-flight, people tend to become concerned about safety during their next trip.

Regardless of the type or size of aircraft, investigations into plane crashes are complex matters which involve many people, processes and procedures established by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). But if you’ve ever thought about what a crash investigation entails, you may be interested in knowing the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) examines far more than the mechanics of the airplane when assessing the cause of an incident and searching for ways to improve air travel safety.

Infringement of aviation intellectual property

Aviation companies work for years to create reliable and recognizable products and technologies. Infringement and counterfeit of your intellectual property can seriously damage your business and reputation while potentially endangering the lives of customers.

Unfortunately, even the most careful property management and monitoring of the industry cannot protect you against all forms of theft. Several situations can leave your property vulnerable.

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