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HOUSTON: 713-668-0610
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Resolute Business Litigation Services
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Resolute Business Litigation Services

Whether you are facing a business and commercial litigation lawsuit, or need to initiate an action, the lawyers at Cunningham Swaim, LLP, have the litigation experience and business acumen to tactfully resolve your dispute, or fight it out in court. In complex commercial and business litigation matters, the legal strategy must fit in with the company’s overall plans. We are well aware that the risks and costs of trial may not always be most direct line to resolution. However, when the opposing party is unwilling to negotiate a meaningful settlement, you need a seasoned legal team behind you that has the skills and ability to take your case to trial.

Strategic Solutions To Serve Our Business Clients

When we create a dispute resolution strategy, we do not lose sight of the cost-benefit analysis of various legal options. Throughout our representation we remain fully cognizant of our clients’ bottom lines. We will work with you to advance your agenda, while maintaining a cost-conscious perspective that balances both the legal and business concerns. To that end, we remain agile and will advise you of the legal options that you have available, as well as provide you with an analysis of the risks and potential costs.

With offices in Dallas, Texas, Pasadena, California and Denver, Colorado, we have a national reach. Our attorneys bring over a century of combined trial experience to the table. That trial experience is what makes us different from the rest. Our seasoned litigators represent businesses, stakeholders and individuals in resolving complex commercial or business disputes, including:

  • Breach of fiduciary duty litigation: Officers, directors, partners, shareholders and others have a fiduciary duty to other stakeholders in the entity. We prosecute and defend claims of breach of fiduciary duty.
  • Breach of contract litigation: Businesses, contractors, vendors and parties to a business contract can be substantially harmed when another party breaches the terms of a contract.
  • Shareholder dispute litigation: Internal business disputes can cause significant disruption and harm to a partnership or other entity. We provide aggressive and responsive representation to resolve partnership and shareholder disputes.

In addition to our experience in the trial court, we back up our litigation practice with experienced appellate advocacy. During trial, our appellate section is strategic in protecting the trial record. If the case goes to appeal, we are able to seamlessly maintain a strong front to protect your interests.

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To arrange a consultation with a resolute business litigation trial lawyer, send us an email or call 214-646-1495 in Dallas, Texas. In Pasadena, California, call 626-765-3000. In Denver, Colorado, call 626-765-3000.