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Protecting Rights In Trade Dress Cases
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Protecting Rights In Trade Dress Cases

Many people believe that intellectual property litigation focuses only on copyright, trademark, service mark and patent infringement issues. However, entrepreneurs, manufacturers and big businesses often spend a great deal of time, money and thought on marketing efforts.

The shape, colors and font used to package a product to be easily identifiable in the marketplace can be a big selling point. The decor and ambience of a restaurant chain may be easily recognizable to attract patrons to an establishment. Unfortunately, when a good idea sells well, many other entities may want to participate in your potential revenues.

A range of features may fall under trade dress intellectual property protection, such as:

  • Sales techniques used to market a product
  • Size, shape, color or color combinations used to identify or package the product
  • Textures or distinctive graphics used to identify the product

At Cunningham Swaim, LLP, we represent inventors, entrepreneurs, businesses and others prosecuting and defending trade dress claims. Many companies register their trade dress under the Lanham Act. However, common law principles also apply to the niche area of intellectual property law.

Our lawyers have significant experience handling trade dress litigation. With a strong command of intellectual property law, and experience resolving high-profile, complex disputes, we provide honed, focused and resolute representation in trade dress cases.

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