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Is it safe to take your prescribed medication?

Is it safe to take your prescribed medication?

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2019 | Uncategorized |

When you have a health condition, you trust your doctor to provide appropriate treatment options. When that includes the use of a prescription drug, you likely expect that adequate testing has been involved in bringing the medication to market. You probably expect that it is safe and will address your medical concerns.

However, in some cases prescription medications have significant side effects. But what can you do if your prescription amplifies your medical concerns – or worse?

Recent settlement for those claiming blood thinner can be deadly

Involving roughly 25,000 lawsuits, Bayer and Johnson & Johnson recently agreed on paying $775 million for allegations surrounding the blood thinner, Xarelto. Splitting the settlement between the two companies, takeaways from recent reports include:

  • The companies allegedly did not warn consumers about the product’s ability to cause potentially fatal bleeding
  • The pharmaceutical division of Johnson & Johnson, Janssen, stands behind its product, claiming that clinical trials showed it to be safe
  • In 2018, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved an antidote to the excessive bleeding Xarelto may cause in some patients, thus indicating significant issues with the drug

As both companies continue to stand behind their product, it may be interesting to note that the settlement for Xarelto comes around the same time Bayer faces increasing allegations about Roundup causing cancer. Meanwhile, Johnson & Johnson’s legal battle over allegations of asbestos in their baby powder also continues.

You might be eligible to recover damages

If you or one of your loved ones suffers complications due to a company’s negligence, you may want to explore your legal options. Money you receive as part of a settlement cannot reverse potential medical complications. But at least you might have the opportunity to hold a drug manufacturer accountable.